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We do more than sell insurance policies and walk away.

We are in the business of providing advice and delivering ongoing solutions surrounding risk.
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From our independence comes an attitude and approach; we are highly entrepreneurial in the ways we service and are free to act in your best interest. We avoid putting clients into ‘buckets’ and always deliver personalized insurance solutions over a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.
Excel Insurance Group is an incorporated group of independent Canadian insurance brokerages. Our group is made up of carefully, selectively chosen insurance brokers, handpicked because of shared vision, common core values, and industry-specific competencies. We partner based on reputation and on client feedback.
Founded on principles of integrity, service quality and technical prowess, our firm prides itself on its capacity to broker protection that is clear and defensible. For both personal and commercial insurance, we act as advocates for our clients, first in creating the best insurance programs and sourcing the best options through a personalized, VIP approach, and then on through any claim or renewal.

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If you have a personal insurance claim and need help, review guidelines and get help or call us immediately at 1 (780) 732-7129.

If you have a commercial insurance claim and need help, review guidelines and get help or call us immediately at 1 (780) 732-7129.

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