From the Past and Into the Future

Commercial insurance and risk management strategy, partners and advocates. Partners in Canadian and international commercial insurance.

The Road Ahead Is Paved With Past Success

Excel Insurance Group, formerly Phoenix Insurance Group, is family of well-respected independent insurance brokerages that have come together as one. While we are a full service brokerage licensed across Canada except in Quebec, we are expanding with physical locations via joining independent partners across the country. This growth mirrors the way our original company grew.

The Phoenix Group of Insurance Companies was unique in terms of its structure and operations. The Group consisted of a company called Phoenix Group Management Corporate at its centre, surrounded by several full service Associate Offices in certain regions of Alberta. Phoenix Group Management Corporation (Corporate HQ) existed to provide business support to the Associate Offices, allowing these offices to focus on insurance brokerage activities more fully. Corporate provided Associate Offices with access to contracts with insurers, a state of the art computer system and broker management software, trust account management and monthly accounting services, as well as human resource advice and support. Corporate also provided Associate Offices access to preferred relationships with required legal, IT and accounting professionals, as well as telecommunications providers, office supply companies, advertising, printing companies, and more.

It is important to note that each Associate Office is and always has been independently owned. With the the exception of three Associate Offices that were owned by the same individuals that also owned Corporate, no investment or ownership interest was held in any o the other Associate offices by Corporate. These offices were all owned, operated and managed by their local proprietors. Accordingly, the relationship of each Associate Office with Corporate was then, as it is now with Excel Insurance Group, by way of exclusive contract.

Following the 2011 sale of Phoenix Group Corporate, Excel Insurance Group formed to take up where Phoenix Insurance Group ended. Excel Insurance maintains the same ownership structure and way of doing business. With a new brand, dedicated focus, an articulated direction, Excel Insurance has moved beyond a Western Canadian focus and is now driving a national presence forward.

Our Legacies Shape Our Present, Our Future is Self-Determined. This is Excel Insurance Group

Every Partner is Held to High Standards of Excellence

Excel Insurance Group is an incorporated group of independent Canadian insurance brokerages. Our group is made up of carefully, selectively chosen insurance brokers, handpicked because of shared vision, common core values, and industry-specific competencies. We partner based on reputation and on client feedback. United as a Canadian whole, we find strength in our size, collectively placing more than $125 million of insurance premiums each year.

All Excel Insurance Group Partners undergo an intensive evaluation process to access capability levels. The standards are high and uncompromising. Among hundreds of independent commercial insurance brokers nationwide, only a handful are picked to be Partners in Excel Insurance Group. Our collective future is defined by our goals while we treasure the values and history written by our legacy companies.

Excel Insurance Group is also a Partner of the global network of independent insurance brokers, Assurex Global. Similar to the Excel Insurance Group logic, among thousands of independents brokerages worldwide, Excel Insurance Group is one of just over 100 that are Partners in Assurex Global. In addition, each Partner makes a significant equity investment in Assurex Global, ensuring that each company is fully committed to one another, helping each other’s clients realize full value. This is why we call ourselves Partners. We are not simply affiliated.

Commercial insurance and risk management strategy, partners and advocates. Partners in Canadian and international commercial insurance.

Our entrepreneurialism is our advantage

Resulting resources are yours

Our Independence and Values Support Your Future

As a result of our independence, we are highly entrepreneurial in our approach to servicing. We act quickly – responsiveness is a core value. Moreover, we are free to act in your best interest; we customize unique solutions for every client.

Founded on principles of integrity, service quality and technical prowess, our firm prides itself on its capacity to broker protection that is clear and defensible. We act as advocates for our clients, first in creating the best insurance programs and sourcing the best options through top Canadian insurers. This continues on through claims and in every client aggravation we alleviate. Through Assurex Global, we do the same internationally with brokers local to the market in which our clients operate.

We are a VIP firm – where every client, no matter the need, is of paramount importance. Our team is highly skilled in their areas of expertise and each specialize in their areas of interest, matching you with someone that knows your industry and business requirements, as well as the insurance and surety plans that work best for you. Further, from longstanding relationships with our clients, we are skilled at dealing with complex risk management and insurance issues.

Excel Insurance & Risk Management, originally part of the Phoenix Group of Insurance Brokers, maintains roots tracing back more than two decades.

Drivers Behind Our Vision

1. Proudly Independent

While other brokers are tied to specific categories of proprietary products or antiquated, lethargic processes, Excel Insurance Group moves decisively to meet each client’s needs.

4. Deep Knowledge, Strong Relationships

Strong experience and rich networks drive results, proving the power of connectivity between people, products, and resources.

2. Uncompromising Standards

Not just any broker can become part of Excel Insurance Group. When our Partners say they are they best in their market, its based upon a history of achievement, success and integrity.

5. Local Insight, Global Reach

National and international partners ensure clients deal with people on the ground. Our network understands local cultures, markets and realities.

3. Agility and Ability

When you combine the freedom of an independent broker with the amalgamated strength of a collective worldwide partnership, you act with agility, deliberately and with the right resources.

6. Legacy Relationships

Decades of history with carriers and industry influencers ensure you receive the benefits of cost-efficient pricing and best-fit product offerings.