As you might have noticed, the Excel Insurance Group website has launched! Extremely exciting for our group of insurance companies, it was, admittedly, a ton of work and for a lot of people across Excel Insurance Group. As a matter of fact, we are still  making updates, adding to our Directory of Insurance Professionals, creating content… everything is an ongoing process (so if you come across any bugs, please let me know).  🙂

The value of a website in today’s day and age is huge. Gone are the days of  billboard websites and static content. Considering all of the opportunities available through a website today, the value proposition for our customers, future clients and our industry colleagues is immense.

The structure of the EIG website has been methodically created. We have carefully separated our site into silos: personal insurance and commercial insurance. Each section has it’s own look and feel and it is also one which provides a collaborative space. This site has been created, not only for our clients and our future clients, but also for our independent Excel Insurance Group companies and our teams. How you ask? Let me explain.

Our site will evolve. Content will be added regularly within our blog, definitions and help tabs. We aim to ensure that this site remains one of value: value in providing our clients and future clients with answers to many of their insurance questions and value in providing and sharing best-in-class insurance articles and blogs, within our ever expanding team of networked brokers. These are articles, can in return, be shared directly to our clients, friends and prospects… all for them to take in as much value as possible – and maybe learn something important – from this content.

Some naysayers have warned: ‘competitors will visit your site and steal your content.’ That is definitely something with which we have wrestled, though I still believe it is also one of the biggest compliments we could receive. It means we are providing useful information to EVERYONE; as such, hopefully, demonstrating value in the Excel brand. If our future clients are aware of our knowledge, but its brought to their attention through a competing firm, there is an easy discussion to be shared around comprehensive knowledge, skillets and our own passion for the insurance industry. Of course, this is why we are considered, technically speaking, Insurance Geeks.


If you want to know more, connect with me directly; I would love to hear from you in person!


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