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I Have a Few Questions for my Motorcycle Insurance Quote

Generally speaking, recreational policies are those types of policies that cover your ‘toys’ or your recreational vehicles and their use. Recreational vehicles and equipment (your toys) include, though aren’t limited to, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), quads, dirt bikes, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles and the wide variety of camper trailers and fifth wheels.
Unfortunately, your homeowner insurance does not cover you for your recreational toys, though this is a common misconception. Like an automobile, your toys are only covered in a limited fashion, using liability insurance as the starting point for coverage. Just like you need a car insurance policy, you also need a recreational policy for your toys.
There are two major risks at play here when considering no insurance as an option. The first risk lies in the damage of the toy itself. Were it to be damaged, you wouldn’t be able to have it replaced or repair through a claim. A potentially much higher risk, however, lies in the liability risk associated in the event that negligent/accidental operation of the toy leads to further bodily injury or property damage, especially that which is not your own. These types of losses need to be covered by an insurance policy of their own and specifically designed for your toys.
Similar in structure to an automobile policy, liability is the starting point for your recreational policy. Physical damage coverage to the toy is added thereafter, as well as other options. An Excel Insurance broker will walk you through the selections.
A homeowners policy, in some cases, can extend to cover certain types of toys though not in the case of all homeowners policies not for all of your recreational toys. Having mentioned this, however, standalone coverage is typically more adequate in protection you and your toy, not to much much less expensive.
An insurance policy can include theft and vandalism coverage. Regardless of the frequency of use, these types of exposures exist 24/7, 365 days a year. Of course, if you do use your toy even once a year, your liability and personal property protection is still an important consideration.
Liability insurance provides coverage in event of negligence for third party bodily injury or property damage.

Collision insurance provides you with coverage on your toy in the event of an accident where you are negligent.

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage on the toy for everything else (fire, theft, vandalism, etc).

This is a difficult question to answer on its own. While it can be the case, you and your broker should discuss who will be using or operating your toy and customize your insurance accordingly.
Yes. A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a serial number that is registered in the national database. Your VIN is the unique identifier of the record that contains all information about your toy, its manufactured special features and its year of release. Insurance companies need the VIN to ensure you get the proper replacement value allocation for your toy or to help determine course of action in an applicable claim.
Have no fear. Yours is a commons starting point and we are happy to help you navigate what might feel confusing. Call or text us and we can help you get a quote quickly.
A lot of our clients come to us for the VIP service and because we don’t just sell insurance, we source you the best rates and insurance options available to you in a customer, personalized manner. We access rates from the top ten insurance companies and our brokers perform through a thorough review of your program, needs and alternatives available.
The number of annual kilometers also help to factor in the amount of “risk” involved in insuring you. Perhaps you do not drive to and from work each day, but you might travel an unusually high amount during your personal time. The more time you spend travelling in your vehicle, the higher the possibility that you might be involved in an accident.