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Excel helped me to really add up the value of my belongings to make sure that I had enough insurance to cover the replacement of my things as well as my home, were I to lose everything.
Alison, Home Insurance Client
My Excel Insurance Broker was able to see that I didn’t have enough condo insurance to cover a loss were I to start a fire that burnt down the building. Something scary turned into something relieving.
Ali, Condo Insurance Client
I’m really happy to recommend Excel. Every year I get the best home insurance rates and they stay on top of their game.
Jeff, Home & Auto Insurance Client

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I Have a Few Questions for my Condo Insurance Quote

Generally speaking, home insurance primarily offers protection against loss to/of your home, as well as your personal belongings. It protects the investment you have in your home and in all of your things at home.
There are several types of insurance you can get for your home(s). The types(s) you need will depend largely on whether or not you own or rent your home, if you are landlord and rent to tenants, if you have a condo and are also liable for common areas, or even whether or not you have a cabin or a cottage. Your home insurance quote can be tailored to your specific needs and, like with all insurance, should be completely personalized for your particular situation.
Your automobile insurance policy is not included in your home insurance policy. When we prepare a home insurance quote, we can often source additional discounts if we prepare both a home and automobile insurance quote, when and if available.

Under your home insurance policy, there are some replacement parts and components of an automobile that may be included as contents of your personal garage, were you to experience a loss.

So many different things can be covered under you home insurance policy and we happy to help you go through it all when you we provide you with an home insurance quote. Different insurance coverages include:

  • Replacement coverage or coverage for repairs to your home as a result of insured losses [ex. Sewer back ups, hail and wind damages (including tornados), fires, vandalism]
  • Contents coverages (personal belongings)
  • Additional living expenses (coverage to stay in hotels etc should your home be uninhabitable after a loss)
  • Replacement coverage for detached structures (sheds, fences, gazebos etc.)
  • Coverage for high valued items may be purchased (expensive jewellery, watches, fine arts & collectables, musical instruments etc.)
  • Worldwide liability coverages (coverage to protect you legally in the event you are deemed negligent in an event. Some examples could be found in you riding a bicycle and then accidentally run into an automobile and cause damage. Another might be if you fail to shovel/sand your walkways and someone slips and is injures themselves. Another might be if your dog bites someone (etc.).
  • Coverage may be purchased (where offered) for residential health care
  • Voluntary medical and property damage. If someone or their personal property kept at your home, is injured or damaged, through no fault or negligence on your part, you may voluntarily use your insurance to assist in paying costs for medical attention or repair/replacement of the property that was damaged
  • Identity theft coverage (covers the costs associated with proving your identity, replacement of identification cards, loss of wages, court and lawyer fees etc.)
  • Automatic (limited) coverage for small boats, furnishings of, their equipment & motors
  • Bylaws coverage is often included. In the event laws have changed in the area when your home was built, and your home has to be altered in the rebuild to meet the new regulations/requirements, resulting in an increase in costs, this coveage will assist
  • Garden tractors are automatically covered
  • Utility trailers are automatically covered
  • Business property kept at your residence can be insured with additional coverage purchased
  • Fair rental value is offered on rental policies for landlords
  • Personal property while stored in a warehouse (for a specified number of days agreed upon with the company)
  • Coverage for landscaping (with limitations based on the specified companies)
Yes. The liability coverage in place through your home insurance policy will protect you in a variety of other events. If you aren’t sure, feel free to clarify with your Excel Insurance Broker.

Some examples of inclusions are the following:

  • A hotel room you rent and its property are protected through your policy from damages resulting from your negligence (ex. you leave your dog alone and he chews the bed posts). This is offered worldwide.
  • Identity theft and the costs associated with proving who you are, as well as the costs of replacement id, lost wages etc. are also covered.

You can check the specific amounts of losses covered directly with your Excel Insurance Broker.

Owning a centrally connected alarm system typically lowers your cost of home insurance. Often, the money saved in your premium (insurance cost) is seen to be what it costs in services fees to the alarm company. The added benefit, of course, is that you have a working alarm system protecting your home and personal space.
Municipal waterworks generally handles normal – or slightly above normal – water flow. Following heavy precipitation, melting snow, an expected or sudden thaw or another unexpected whether storm, it can happen that your sewer backs up into your home or renovated basement.

While it is a good idea to maintain home insurance coverage that includes sewer backup to fix your finishing and replace your belongings – especially if you have a home theatre system, games room or gym, for instance – we do have some ideas for minimizing your risk of loss:

Install a backwater valve
The valve closes automatically if the sewer backs up. A backwater valve that complies with your municipality’s standards and bylaws should prevent sewage from backing up into your basement.

Ensure maintenance of your backwater valve
Proper care of your plumbing system will significantly reduce the risk of sewer backup.

If you’re away at school temporarily and are staying in residence, your parents’ home insurance policy will cover you. If you move out permanently, you will need to buy your own tenant insurance. Each person’s case can be different, however, which is why Excel Insurance Group looks to create you personalized insurance solutions for your particular situation. Speaking with an Excel Insurance Broker is a good idea – especially if you are unsure about your home insurance requirements.
Yes. Your landlord’s insurance only covers the landlord’s liability, the building of which you are renting, and a minimal amount of contents that belong to him (ex. Appliances).

You will need to purchase renters/tenants insurance policy to provide yourself with liability coverage and replacement coverage for your own personal belongings were there to be some kind of event causing loss.

Yes. Condo associations usually carry policies that have a large deductible amount that is generally divided amongst each condo owner. Sometimes, these deductibles are in the amount of $10,000 per unit owned or more, depending on the size of the overall deductible that must be divided amongst the total number of unit owners. A condo policy will include this as a portion of the coverage provided.

A Policy of your own is also required to replace your belongings, as well as provide yourself with liability protection in the event of your negligence, or that of any of your guests (ex. Your guest puts a cigarette out in a planter, and burns down the building).