Who Stands Up For You When a Claim Has Got You Down? Client Advocacy Starts with Excel

Having a broker means I have an advocate that works for me, getting me the best rates available. My Excel broker ensures I get the best coverage by giving me options and explaining everything clearly.
Rachel, Personal Lines Insurance Client

Stop Insurance Headaches. Stop them Now. Client Advocacy Rules with Excel Insurance Group

Insurance is just one of those things – things that most of us know we have to have and really don’t push to know more. Insurance companies constantly confuse the average person and, so much so, that the typical buyer only understands 10% of their policy. Many personal insurance policy holders are surprised to find out that their coverage would not save their home were there a catastrophic event. Where is the client advocacy in just selling someone a policy.

Something has got to give. Client Advocacy with Excel starts when obtaining your policies and coverages – ones that work for you. It remains a constant throughout any claim and through renewal. Its personalized and honest.

Founded on principles of integrity, service quality and technical prowess, our firm prides itself on its capacity to deliver protection that is clear and defensible.

  • High-Value Integrity
  • Top-Rated Advocacy
  • High Service Quality
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Best Rates Available
Our house burnt down and we lost everything. It was a devastating experience and hard on our family. Excel brought us out of the ashes and made sure our claims adjuster worked with us quickly to get us into a temporary and then new home. They live through client advocacy.
Peter, Personal Insurance Client
A lot of people talk about having integrity. These people walk the talk. When they talk about client advocacy it’s because they know how to go to bat for you. They have already helped me with 2 terrible claims!
Amanda, Personal Insurance Client

Heroes or Soldiers, Whatever You Need: Client Advocacy is Our Driver

Originally part of the Phoenix Group of Insurance Brokers, Excel Insurance Group has roots that trace back more than two decades. It’s where we developed our penchant for client advocacy.

We act as advocates for our clients, first in extrapolating the best policies and competitive pricing from the top Canadian insurers, and then on through the claims process and in every client aggravation we alleviate. We are heroes to our clients – this is a priority for us. When we need to, we throw on our boots and dive into the dirt for you. That’s more than our job, it’s our mission. To be your personal insurance advocates, your personal champions.

Placing over $100M in the insurance marketplace every year, our firm specializes is all forms of personal insurance, as well as the more technical insurance requirements of our commercial clients. From personal insurance like home and auto, or commercial errors and omissions, cyber insurance or digital fraud, we are able to protect you, your family, your home, your car and your business. It’s really, all about you.

Do you need a hero?

We are a VIP firm: every client, no matter the need, is priority

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