Strength Through Independence; Power in Global Partnership. That is Assurex Global

Founded in 1954, Assurex Global is an exclusive Partnership of the most prominent independent insurance brokers and agents in the world. With a combined annual premium volume of $28 billion and more than 600 different Partner offices around the world, Assurex Global is the largest privately held commercial insurance, risk management, and employe benefits brokerage across the globe.

The world of insurance is continuously changing. Broker conglomerates are swallowing up local, privately owned independent brokers. Reducing competition always reduces market options for business; and insurance services are no exception. Consolidation causes clients in every industry a heavy price: lower expectations and standards, less responsive service, and even packaged commercial insurance that attempts a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This approach may benefit the shareholders of the large conglomerates; it certainly doesn’t help you.

As a full partner in Assurex Global, Excel Insurance Group is confident and assured; our future is bright. Our network of independent brokers, in Canada and around the world, all share this confidence.  It’s a confidence shared by our clients and demonstrated year over year.

Our confidence stems from our independence; we maintain the agility and ability to respond quickly, act decisively, and uncompromisingly deliver what is best for our clients. Our confidence is derived from our character and integrity – from a way of doing things driven by doing the right thing. The right way. Always. For every client.

This is what it means for us to be a part of Assurex Global, the largest network of independently owned insurance brokerages in the world. It is the same driver behind the partnership makeup of the Excel Insurance Group here in Canada. Independent insurance brokers unite as one.  It ensures reach. It gives us strength.  It makes us whole.

And we are enabled.  Excel Insurance Group employs specialized industry experts with deep knowledge about your industry and your business, harmonized with the technical prowess that drives comprehensive program design.  Our strong relationships with vetted, independent Assurex Global Partners matches global reach with our local capabilities. We deliver customized products and the risk management solutions you need, alongside the service you deserve.

Excel Insurance Group helps you manage risk to reach your business goals. We compete against the biggest players.  We perform at the highest level.

And we win.

Canadian Insurance Broker, Excel Insurance Group, is a Proud Partner of the Assurex Global Independent Network of Partnered Insurance Companies

"We are enabled...specialized industry experts with deep knowledge about your industry and your business...We compete against the biggest players. We perform at the highest level. And we win."

We respond to changing market realities

with innovation and confidence

In my opinion Excel is the most efficient insurance company with whom I have had the privilege to have my company and our clients associated with. We deal with their office and their actual global partners, all managed by our experienced account management team at Excel.
Dan, Commercial Insurance Client

We View Risk Management as More than an “Insurance Only” Solution

Your insurance program is an integral part of your business operations. With strategic insurance coverage in place, your company is virtually guaranteed to recover from a serious insurable loss.  What do we mean by strategic?  We mean that all decisions as to type, quality and quantity of coverage has been fully explained to you – no surprises.

Excel Insurance Group is equipped to advise your business – both locally and internationally – with respect to your insurance and risk management portfolio, including recommendations and options to protect your assets, revenues, liabilities and expenses. We are advice-driven, not-sales driven.  At all times, we act as trusted, outsourced, risk management professionals.

Excel Insurance Group: Redesigning Commercial Insurance

As an independent insurance brokerage and an exclusive Assurex Global Partner, we offer you broad access to markets, internationally and domestically. We commit to delivering insurance and risk management solutions that are:

We Learn from Every Collaboration

You Leverage Every Learning

We Deliver Comprehensive Risk Management Solutions Derived from Best Practices and Decades of Learning

We do more than sell insurance policies and then wait for the next renewal.

We provide ongoing advice and then deliver continuous solutions as required throughout the year.